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Points to consider when purchasing electric fire trucks

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19

Electric fire trucks can also be called small fire trucks or miniature fire trucks. The vehicles are small in size and can be used to quickly pass through some narrow streets to control fires. There are two common types of fire trucks. One is with a water tank and the other is without a water tank. Users can choose according to their actual needs. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

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1. Choose to buy electric fire trucks from professional and trustworthy manufacturers. Good manufacturers are the guarantee of product quality. Don’t buy vehicles from unknown sources, and don’t be too greedy for cheap by buying vehicles of substandard quality.

2. Pay attention to the external dimensions of the fire truck.

3. Check or consult the maximum speed, maximum gradeability and maximum driving range of the fire truck.

4. Vehicles are mainly electric vehicles. The related motors and batteries are very important. Pay attention to the capacity and quality.

5. You can understand the weight of the unloaded vehicle.

6. If the situation permits, it is recommended to check the doors, windows, tires and other parts of the car on the spot.

The driving cost of electric fire trucks is low, and the use of energy saving and environmental protection. User friends want to know more about electric vehicles, you can call us for consultation!

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