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Problems that cannot be ignored in the barbecue application of the multifunctional snack car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11

Today, our manufacturer wants to explain to you some points that should be paid special attention to when using a multi-function snack car as a barbecue application. We hope that our explanation will bring you better help in your future applications, as follows :

Knowledge 1: Before use, check whether the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline is connected and whether it can be used after it is firmly connected

Knowledge 2: Go to grease Pour appropriate water into the collecting basin to maintain a certain amount of water to prevent drying. If the water is dry, pull out the bottom of the stove and add water.

Knowledge 3: Turn on the gas main valve, then turn on the red switch on the right side of the barbecue snack car, and unscrew it to the left, use the igniter to ignite the ceramic plate, and turn on the fan of the oven.

Knowledge 4: Ignition confirmation: When the igniter ignites the ceramic plate, a bunch of flames can be seen rushing to the burning plate, igniting the entire burning plate. If there is no light blue flame on the ceramic plate, this is not lit, please re-ignite until it is lit. A thin flame can be seen on the surface of the combustion plate at first, and the flame gradually recedes after about 1 minute, showing no open flame and redness and heat.

Knowledge 5: After use, turn off the main gas source switch and all ignition switches.

Knowledge 6: Clean trays, grilling nets, etc., and keep the machine clean and hygienic.

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