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Reason - electric flow diners won wide attention Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-26
Electric activity since as it comes to the dining car is popular, not only because of its characteristics, environmental protection is also due to its function in the use of displayed on a huge advantage. Dining car electric activity can be obtained within short time notice, there are bound to reason. Small make up today to brief introduce. 1, environmental protection and energy saving, clean health diners to battery driven electric activity, low energy consumption, zero emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection. Electric activity dining car factory is equipped with stainless steel tableware, let food preservation and insulation, can be clean health customer flow. 2, novel appearance, attract eyeball look fine dining car about atmospheric electric activity, integrating sales, light box advertising, body advertising, the appearance of the new planning, strong action of gravity, promote sales don't delay, appearance of advertising planning can customize according to customer's requirement. Electric trucks can also be applied to daily provisions sale, vegetables, fruit, aquatic product fast food sale, stationery, flowers, etc. 3, a wide space, reasonable layout of the electric activity with the restaurant car can contain 2 people sell. Internal structure it can customize according to customer's requirement, have barbecue, Fried, soup, boiled, heat preservation function, etc. , can also be equipped with fridge, juicer, sausage machine, barbecue grill and other supporting tableware. 4, low capital, high yield of electric activity without appearance, dining car, abolish selected store rent, decoration and a series of trouble, a diner all finish. Dining car is equipped with large capacity batteries for vehicle electric activity function to the * * *, enough to ensure operating throughout the day.
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