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Reasons for the failure of the controller of the electric garbage truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15
The most important part of the sub-electric garbage truck may be the existence of the controller in the vehicle. The controller is the core control device used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of the entire vehicle. . If the product fails, there are generally several reasons. Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that has been engaged in product production for many years. Let us take a look.

1. Power device damage: caused by motor damage; caused by poor quality of the power device itself or insufficient selection level; caused by device installation or vibration looseness; caused by motor overload; power device drive circuit damage or Caused by unreasonable parameter design.

2. The internal power supply of the controller is damaged: the internal circuit of the controller is short-circuited; the peripheral control components are short-circuited; the external leads are short-circuited.

3. The controller works intermittently: the parameters of the device itself drift in a high or low temperature environment; the large power consumption of the overall design of the controller causes the local temperature of some devices to be too high and the device itself enters the protection state ; Poor contact.

4. The control signal is lost due to the wear of the connecting wire and the bad or falling off of the connector: the selection of the wire is unreasonable; the protection of the wire is not complete; the connector is not firmly crimped.

The above content is the reason for the failure of the controller of the electric garbage truck. I hope it can bring you some help. If you are interested in this product, As a professional manufacturer, Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. will be your best choice, and you are welcome to come and buy!

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