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Routine maintenance items - about electric cars for breakfast Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-17
Electric car breakfast daily protection and utility food truck has business, as most people so for much function food truck battery protection, by electric dining car factory with let's together to get to know. Electric dining car factory is one specialized is engaged in the commercial vehicle planning, development, production and sale of high skills, enterprise, the production of electric dining car, electric four-wheel diners, more by our together, such as function food trucks, etc. Breakfast, however, cars, electric dining car factory suggest we, electric diners in use process, must pay attention to maintenance of battery protection operation, the battery protection work if well done, not only can extend use of electric cars become old, yea, more importantly, he can bring more value for you, will not affect your business, vehicles in use process, must pay attention to adhere to the battery clean appearance, whether to and should check the battery connections. Breakfast road is icy winter car to pay attention to safety breakfast in the journey, is to adhere to vehicles in front of more than 3 m intervals, prevent the vehicle in front of the slide to trip over yourself. And don't slam the brakes on, or you will is wheel skid and lose balance, can ride slowly, met in early to get off. Second, we must adhere to pay attention while driving. Pay attention to matters that we drive breakfast car in drive car needs pay attention to the traffic blind area for breakfast. Almost all vehicles in the blind spot, this kind of diners. In reverse cause trouble, mostly due to the vehicle's blind spot.
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