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Sightseeing electric car charging should pay attention to the problem of breakfast car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14
Second ufeff

Mistaken one: charge the electric car as soon as it stops;

The correct way: first put the electric car parts for more than half an hour and wait for the cold part of the battery, Recharge.

Mistake 2: Charge the battery in the electric vehicle under direct sunlight;

The correct way: charge the battery in a cool, ventilated, dry and green place.

Mistaken three: come to regularly maintain the battery;

Zhengtong’s approach: weekly cleaning and maintenance of the surface of the battery charge, maintenance of the battery pile nut and terminal tightening and replacement , The battery should be charged and discharged at least once a month, and the vehicle must be fully charged and parked when not in use for a long time, and charged at least once a month.

Mistaken four: Electric car chargers are not dedicated to special vehicles;

The correct way: chargers are dedicated to special vehicles, if it is broken, contact the manufacturer for after-sales service and have a professional inspection. , Repair or equip with a new charger.

Mistaken 5: Use a brand-name charger to charge;

The correct way: test the after-sales service store designated by the manufacturer, and choose a regular original charger.

Mistake 6: Carry the charger with the car;

Correct way: The charger should be stored in a fixed place, if necessary, an extra charger can be equipped.

Mistake 7: Put the charger on the car to charge;

Correct way: When the charger is charging the car, place it 1 meter away from the car, don’t put it on the carpet On the soft pad, to prevent the charger from being unable to dissipate heat when it is working.

Mistaken 8: Charge multiple cars with the same plug-in board;

Correct approach: When charging multiple cars at the same time, you need to consider the power supply line and power capacity, and pay attention to the cable. Entangled.

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