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Snack car manufacturer, authors summarize the characteristics of electric tricycle diners modelling novel and beautiful

by:Jiexian     2020-09-01

electric tricycle diners modelling is novel, 小说) The characteristics of the beautiful, 特征)

electric carts with small, environmental protection, economy, low noise, Db ( dB) ) The characteristics of ( 特征) , suitable for urban and factories, 工厂) The room needs. Simple atmosphere, three-wheeled diners functionalization modified design ( Design) , it is widely ( 广泛) Used in large factories, 工厂) , airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places of room service, truly realize the healthy environmental protection, energy saving, comfortable to meet the different needs of customers.

( 1) Streamlined body design, Design)

with tight structure, modelling is novel, 小说) , the characteristics of the beautiful, 特征) ; Vehicle used at present in the world advanced streamline body design before, Design) Reduce windward area, big limit, reduce the wind resistance coefficient ( 减少) To zero. 3 ( Currently on the market the same type electric wind resistance coefficient of 0. 4) , making the company's products ( 产品) In high speed, great gradeability travel distance, such as performance, 性能) Improved greatly.

( 2) Split type body design, Design)

split type body facilitate maintenance in the future, replacement parts, the integrated body design of the same kind of manufacturers ( Design) , greatly reduced ( 减少) The maintenance cost.

( 3) Modular interior cloth ceiling

electric ceiling adopts the split type structure, can according to customer's preferences change the ceiling interior structure, easy to repair replacement. The company adopts the ceiling interior material has good heat insulation, thermal insulation effect; To reduce ( 减少) Interior noise, increase the comfort and safety of crew aboard, 安全)

( 4) Disc brake

the first application of disc brake to electric vehicles, greatly improve the safety index of a customer. Disc brakes under hydraulic power braking force ( 权力) Big and stable ( Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) , has good braking performance in all kinds of pavement, the braking performance is far higher than that of drum brake, and directly through the air disc brake disc, the disc brake cooling ( 散热) Performance ( 性能) Well, to avoid the heat recession phenomenon. The braking effect is good, high safety coefficient.

( 5) The chassis ( chassis) Design ( Design)

the bus chassis ( chassis) Design ( Design) Used in electric vehicles, to strengthen the stability and security, 安全) 。

electric tricycle diners has become very popular in the city a snack car, because now people life rhythm speeding up, plus electric tricycle diners do quick, convenient, clean and the people are very recognition, it is also a people business, 创业) A good choice, there is much advantage for this kind of electric tricycle diner ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) 。

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