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Snack car manufacturer: electric dining car food automation equipment

by:Jiexian     2020-09-07

electric diners out food automation equipment ( 设备)

electric diners in actual use process, there is a lot of advantages, Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Sex, these advantages ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Make it popular in the using process. What, then, it has the characteristics of ( 特征) ? This is the small make up today want to talk to you to introduce one of the problems, let's look at the question below.

1, electric diners low price, reduce ( 减少) The cost of business.

2, mobile and flexible, not restricted by region.

3, flow in every corner of the city, and provide convenience for citizens.

4, not affected by the weather, rain and snow weather can run.

what measures can be taken to ( A pointer to solving the problem) As far as possible to achieve the expansion of space? Let's introduce the problem for you.

1, in order to expand the type electric dining car space, we can set inside the folding ( Meaning: fold part of the object) The arbor and tray support, more use of space.

2, outer space can be used for diners repast, wait, rest, etc. Can provide snacks with good service experience, and then promote the popularity of snacks.

3, one side to the arbor 1 m wide, length is equal to the body length, which is about three meters. So that you can expand out 3 square meters of space; The side body 2 meters wide, can also expand the 2 square meters of space. Single out of the two sides can expand the space of 5 square metre, the basic equivalent of interior space, this space is valuable.

electric diners because flexible at the same time have a fully functional, thus widely by all of us ( 广泛) Love. So, electric diners in design ( Design) What kind of characteristics and structure have on ( 特征) ?

electric dining car design in addition to different drive mode, and there is no essential difference between a conventional car, a better driving and riding experience and higher security ( 安全) The main challenge is still a car design.

small convenient, cabinet and chic, small business. Actually, this snack but they also have big ': fame, large quantity, big advantages ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Big, the potential ( Refers to the possibility of individual ability development) Big, is the more you have, the greater the snack market! Subway to meet the guest, plus snacks of economical, convenient and delicious, 美味) Wait for a characteristic, has formed a very large consumer groups. Snack car pry ( qiào) Moving large market fragrance barbecue food truck automatically, all the way from the perspective of market demand, angle) , combined with the Chinese diet, food automation equipment ( 设备) 。

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