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Snack car manufacturer heat radiation structure design of electric food truck is analysed

by:Jiexian     2020-09-06

heat radiation structure design ( Design) Electric food truck

electric trucks barbecue furnace adopts vertical ( Set) Barbecue, on both sides of furnace tank ( 水槽) ( Need to add water) Again, there was a fire on the iron plate used for pressure above, with the iron lid, meat string wear good stand into the oven, kebabs in baked to a certain degree will produce oil, oil will drop into the water tank directly, it won't produce smoky taste, won't produce harm to the body.

in use process, if the line continuation of dining car mileage suddenly dropped dramatically in a short time ( descend) There is a good chance, 也许) Is rare in the battery pack is a battery problem. At this point, should be timely to the sale ( 销售) Center or agent maintenance inspection, repair or group. This can relatively increase the service life of the battery pack ( 一生) , greater savings ( 备用) Your spending.

early electric cars, dc motor speed control using concatenated resistance or change motor magnetic field ( Definition: transfer physical interaction between magnetic field) Coil ( 绕组) The number of turns. Because of its speed is a stage, and will produce additional energy consumption ( consume) Or the use of motor car steering. Most electric cars for the front wheel steering, industry ( 行业) Used in the electric forklift often USES the rear wheels. The electric car steering device with mechanical ( 力学) Steering, hydraulic, hydraulic) Type of steering and hydraulic power steering, etc. Stepless speed regulation. In the development of electronic power technology operation, with the application of new type of drive motor, electric vehicle speed control ( 控制) Is transformed into the dc inverter technology application, will become the inevitable trend, 趋势) 。

furnace which USES alone far infrared ( 红外线) Heat radiation structure design ( Design) , the careful design, Design) Barbecue and fuel-efficient position ( 位置) , barbecue, smoke-free fly ash fully, completely avoid the drop of oil in baked food fell into the coals, and the traditional charcoal baked dry smell peculiar to the extreme.

according to food ( 食物) The characteristics of free adjusting fire ( 火力) The size of the ( 大小) To ensure that all kinds of food are roasting to achieve better effect, at the same time overcomes the traditional charcoal grilled food easily burnt, and use carbon quantity can save more than 50%.

electric diners at start, manned, uphill, avoid slammed on acceleration, form the instantaneous large current ( 电子流) Discharge. Large current discharge can easily lead to produce sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Lead ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) The physical properties of the crystallization, which damage the battery plate ( 性能) 。 Electric food truck

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