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Snack car manufacturer - lithium ion power battery electric diners

by:Jiexian     2020-09-07

pizza grass power ( 权力) Battery electric diners

electric diners at present, China's vehicle dynamics ( 权力) Battery back using the first involved ( 涉及) Battery production, vehicle company, using company, consumers ( 消费者) And related subjects, because of the lack of relevant laws and regulations, on vehicle dynamics ( 权力) Battery back using the responsibility of the subject is not clear to launch vehicle dynamics ( 权力) Battery back used to handle the primary way.

the policy applicable product ( 产品) For electric vehicle power ( 权力) System that provides energy storage battery, the battery pack ( Group) And battery management system. Power battery, metallic hydrogen (including pizza grass 氢) Nickel, Ni) Power battery, etc. , not including lead ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Acid ( 铅的酸) The storage battery.

multifunctional mobile snack car is how to make it no lampblack, traditional barbecue, in the process of barbecue will produce a large number of lampblack, caused great pollution to the environment, and a smoke-free barbecue car is a large equipment ( 设备) Factory design ( Design) And production ( 生产) . Adopt stainless steel mesa, Acid-proof stainless steel) Good materials, clean wash ( 清洁) Car body with iron materials, appearance, have anticorrosive paint ( 防锈漆) Strong and durable. Barbecue furnace adopts vertical ( Set) Barbecue, on both sides of furnace tank ( 水槽) ( Need to add water) Again, there was a fire on the iron plate used for pressure above, with the iron lid, meat string wear good stand into the oven, kebabs in baked to a certain degree will produce oil, oil will drop into the water tank directly, it won't produce smoky taste, won't produce harm to the body. Pressure plate to the fire would make the fire up the heat to the kebabs, on both sides of the lid to cover feng again, people to be able to avoid much heat in the barbecue, the multi-functional mobile snack car both environmental protection and health.

data ( data) Display, to the end of 2014, China's new ( 权力) Car ownership has surpassed 120000. The rapid development of new energy car ownership, also indicates the dynamic force battery recycling has a broad market. China automotive technology research ( 研究) Center ( 预测) , by 2020, our country electric power battery scrap amount will reach 120000 to 170000 tons scale. Despite the potentially huge market space, but due to the responsibility main body is not clear, restricted the battery recycling business ( 业务) Worth mining ( excavate) 。

therefore, clear policy, power ( 权力) Battery recycling production ( 生产) Responsibility system, the electric car production enterprises ( Contain importers, hereinafter the same) Shall bear the electric car a primary responsibility for old power battery recycling, power production enterprises shall bear the electric car battery production enterprises after-sales service system outside the main responsibility for old power battery recycling. Electric diners

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