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Snack car manufacturer to interpret green beautiful electric tricycle diners use matters needing attention

by:Jiexian     2020-09-07

green beautiful electric tricycle diners use note

three-wheeled electric is the diners a common breakfast car in our daily life, I believe that a lot of people think electric diners caused a lot of convenience to our life, so for what electric diners the concept of environmental protection? First electric dining car is equipped with a full set of cooking oil, and other functions, can be in the car is complete, and electric dining car itself has very good security ( 安全) Performance, reliability, low costs, 性能) , now also advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, green city, electric diners to conform to the environmental protection and is suitable for the public's demand. Electric diners can make all kinds of breakfast, on general dining car will be equipped with dual furnace drawer of steaming box, Fried, can produce heating milk, porridge, soy milk, etc. , the other can do blast furnace, drink machines, etc. At the same time electric diners changed the traditional barbecue meat stiffness ( 僵硬) Sanders' secret recipe for defects, rough, to swallow, after boil the cream hot, whether do malatang or happy rinse, tastes are prominent characteristics of fresh, sweet, beautiful, 特征) 。

breakfast car to eliminate the heat exposure. High temperature environment will make the battery internal pressure increases, the battery liquid loss ( 损失) , resulting in a decline in cell activity ( descend) , accelerated aging board. Avoid charging plug fever, 220 v power plug or the charger output plug is loose, contact surface oxygen ( 氧气) ( 氧化) Wait for a phenomenon will lead to plug fever, heating time is too long can lead to short circuit (plug Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) Damage or poor contact, the charger and battery, bring you unnecessary loss. So when he found the above situation, we should keep clear of oxidation ( 氧化) Or replace the connector. It is forbidden to lose when stored in electricity. In a state of deficient electric battery during storage was strictly prohibited. Kui state refers to the battery after use without charge in a timely manner. In the condition of deficient electric storage battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Salinization, lead sulfate ( Lead( II) sulfate) ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Attached to the plate crystal, can jam ( dǔ sè) Electric ion channels, resulting in lack of charging, the battery capacity decline. Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage. Spare batteries need not when, therefore, should be added electricity once a month, so can keep the battery state of health. Regular inspections, in use process, if breakfast line continuation of car mileage in a short period of time suddenly dropped substantially more than a dozen kilometers, is a good chance, 也许) Is rare in the battery pack is a battery problem.

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