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Snack car manufacturer to tell you something about electric tricycle diners with appropriate pressure on the brake pedal in full vehicle should be a smooth line stop

by:Jiexian     2020-09-07

electric tricycle diners with appropriate pressure on the brake pedal in full vehicle should be a smooth line stop

electric tricycle losses when it is forbidden to store electricity electric battery diners in store when it is strictly prohibited in a state of loss of electricity. Kui state refers to the electric diner after use without charge in a timely manner. In the condition of deficient electric storage battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Salinization, lead sulfate ( Lead( II) sulfate) ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Attached to the plate crystal, can jam ( dǔ sè) Electric ion channels, resulting in lack of charging, battery capacity decline ( descend) 。 Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage. Diners sit idle at delivery, therefore, should be added electricity once a month, so can keep the battery status. Regular inspections, in use process, if the line continuation of dining car mileage suddenly dropped dramatically in a short time, is a good chance, 也许) Is rare in the battery pack is a battery problem. At this point, should be timely to the sale ( 销售) Agent center or maintenance department to check, repair, or group. This can relatively increase the service life of the battery pack ( 一生) , greater savings ( 备用) Your spending. Avoid large current ( 电子流) Discharge, electric diners at start, manned, uphill, avoid slammed on acceleration, form the instantaneous large current ( 电子流) Discharge. Large current ( 电子流) Discharge can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystallization, and the physical properties of the damage to the battery plate ( 性能) 。 Correctly grasp the charging time in use process, should accurately grasp the charging time, according to the electric diners usually use frequency ( 频率) And mileage of the charging frequency. Charge after running time is shorter charging, charging time shoulds not be too long, otherwise it will form the overcharge, the battery heating. Insufficient charging excessive, excessive discharge and recharge will shorten battery life. To prevent exposure, electric diners are strictly prohibited in the sun exposure. Temperature ( 温度) High environment will make the battery internal pressure increase and make the battery fluid loss, cause cell activity decreased, accelerate plate aging. Avoid charging plug fever, 220 v power plug or the charger output plug is loose, contact surface oxygen ( 氧气) ( 氧化) Wait for a phenomenon will lead to plug fever, heating time is too long can lead to short circuit (plug Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) Or poor contact, damage the charger and battery, bring you unnecessary loss, 损失) 。 So when he found the above situation, we should keep clear of oxide or replace the connector. Always check the tire pressure will tire pressure remain in the correct tire pressure; Must be every two weeks or at least once a month, check tire pressure; Incorrect tire pressure can cause power consumption, short range, lower ( 减少) Driving comfort and reduce tire life and reduce the traffic safety ( 安全) 。

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