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'Snack car manufacturers' electric fast-food car exhaust emissions of green environmental protection

by:Jiexian     2020-09-30

electric food truck no exhaust emissions of green environmental protection

in recent years, the catering industry is developing rapidly. The electric trucks by many business ( 创业) The favour of people, For love or respect) 。 May ( 也许) There will be a lot of thought of why not use fuel car. For this issue and share, electric trucks and diesel trucks have to differ?

is fundamentally different vehicle driving force ( 权力) Different sources. Electric fast-food owners as a driving force of the vehicle, if use batteries to save electricity and internal combustion food truck mainly use oil as a driving force of the vehicle, due to their different sources of energy, so using the way is also different. Four-wheel electric vehicle charging is used during the day night, while fuel vehicle is the gas can be used in time.

followed by vehicle emissions is also not the same, fuel vehicle energy ( Explanation: to provide natural energy conversion material) Based on oil is given priority to, so will contain a lot of waste in the emissions, it will have a bad effect on atmospheric pollution, especially pungent smell will affect the customer's appetite. At present a lot of city air quality is low, which greatly and associated with oil vehicles emissions. And electric trucks have no such problem, no exhaust emissions, green environmental protection, will not have any influence to the environment, and customers are some protection of city.

a, rain weather, avoid to drive into the water, because of the electric vehicle chassis, chassis) Accessories, water too much can cause poor contact, horn ring, not brake failure.

2, rain weather, electric car in the rain, do not insert the power charging immediately, it will cause a short circuit ( Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) Get wet in the rain, the charger will appear circuit plate corrosion ( Definition: refers to decay and disappear, erosion, etc. ) , should put the electric car in the parking lot, 停车场) Dry, ventilated place, should be inspect the battery before charging with connectors ( 接口) Whether there is water, should be 'wipe ( 净化) 'clean or dried in recharged, lest appear the leakage situation.

3, rain weather, if control ( 控制) Water, electric vehicles can be put in the underground parking garage or dry ventilated place, if the controller into the water cause short-circuit power ( Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) , should arrange maintenance personnel for repair, can normal use.

for electric diners to grasp charging time according to the actual situation, because in the process of charging the phenomenon of vulcanization will come, this phenomenon will have a certain influence on battery capacity, according to the usual use frequency ( 频率) Frequency and time as a reference, and master charge ( 频率) , charging time cannot too long otherwise easy to cause excessive battery discharge, it will shorten the cycle of the battery, 一生) , generally speaking, the charging time can take around 10 hours, if the battery temperature ( 温度) Too high to stop charging in a timely manner.

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