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'Snack car manufacturers' electric trucks to ensure that can achieve all kinds of food are baked effect

by:Jiexian     2020-09-30

electric trucks to ensure that all kinds of food, 食物) All can achieve better bake effect

electric trucks thermal cycling ( continue) And the thermal storage structure design ( Design) , the careful design, Design) The charcoal fire location ( 位置) , can make the charcoal burning, smokeless without fly ash fully, completely avoid the drop of oil in baked food fell into the coals, and the traditional charcoal baked dry fragrance to the extreme, and according to the food, 食物) The characteristics of free adjusting fire ( 火力) The size of the ( 大小) To ensure that all kinds of food are roasting to achieve better effect, at the same time overcomes the traditional charcoal grilled food easily burnt and the disadvantages of quantity with charcoal can save more than 50%, at the same time snack car furnace adopts the store thermal insulation design ( Design) , quantity of heat, 热) No longer send out to the outside of the furnace body, operators don't have to put up with smoky fire liao, more easy and convenient, easy and flexible to operate.

to the end of 2014, China's new ( 权力) Car ownership has surpassed 120000. The rapid development of new energy car ownership, also indicates the dynamic force battery recycling has a broad market. China automotive technology research ( 研究) Center ( 预测) , by 2020, our country electric power battery scrap amount will reach 120000 to 170000 tons scale. Despite the potentially huge market space, but due to the responsibility main body is not clear, restricted the battery recycling business ( 业务) Worth mining ( excavate) 。

is a long 2 cars behind. 3 m wide and 1. 1 6 meters high. Type 85 meters of housing, open space ( Can accommodate 3 - Five assignments) Complete vehicle safety auxiliary device, equipped with a horn, brake lights, headlights, steering flash back and voice function, even if the night is pretty safe and convenient use, and is equipped with the charger, can use 220 v v power supply to charge directly, very convenient to use.

today, the economic crisis, for the graduates to find a proper job, is definitely icing on the cake! ! ! Our company is a sales, 销售) Barbecue snack car series, barbecue car companies, investment ( Meaning: it is the accumulation of future earnings) One thousand yuan, earn ten thousand yuan, sorching summer, barbecue business is doing brisk business, food, electric snacks when the car, a car, can run on both sides, khan 2 facade, and solved the rv sultry summer old bag, the disadvantages of airtight, the function is much, can barbecue, Fried, malatang, kanto cook, teppanyaki, steamed buns, let the general wants to self-employment ( 创业) Self-made people provide better business platform.

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