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Snack car manufacturers in several introduction to electric dining car window glass

by:Jiexian     2020-09-07

there are several kinds of electric dining car window glass

gush arenaceous glass:

emery, mixed with water in the glass surface, high pressure jet in the grinding of a process. Including spray glass and sand carving glass, it is the level of automatic sandblasting machine ( Structure: feeding system, circulatory system, etc. ) Or vertical sandblasting machine ( Structure: feeding system, circulatory system, etc. ) On the glass processed into horizontal or pattern of intaglio glass products ( 产品) , but also on the design and color is called 'print' glass or used with computer engraving machine, deep carved carved lightly, sparkling form and vivid art high-quality goods. Gush arenaceous glass makes with high-tech craft the surface of flat glass is caused erode, form translucent mist side effect thereby, have a kind of hazy ( 昏暗的月光) The aesthetic feeling. The vitreous body character of electric diner, but relatively few use.

(toughened glass 钢化玻璃) :

this is electric snack car often use a glass, toughened glass, 钢化玻璃) Belong to safety glass. Toughened glass ( 钢化玻璃) Is the glass of a kind of prestressing force actually, to increase the strength of the glass ( 强度) , using the method of chemistry or physics normally, form in vitreous surface press stress, glass bears offset above all when outside force surface layer stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity, enhance the resistance to wind pressure of the glass itself ( 风压) Sex, sex that year, impact, etc. This is an ideal electric snack car glass, but because the price is higher, so not all electric diners will use toughened glass.

frosted glass:

and frosted glass, dark glass. Is using ordinary flat glass machinery ( 力学) Sandblasting, manual grinding or hydrogen ( 氢) Fluoride ( fluorine) Acid dissolution methods such as surface treatment into homogeneous ( jūn yún) The surface is made. Due to rough surface, make the light produce diffuse reflection, it can make indoor light is soft and not harsh, mainly for electric snack car interior lighting.

hollow glass:

a variety of performance ( 性能) Is superior to the ordinary double deck glass, therefore recognised by the countries all over the world, hollow glass is two or more pieces of glass in order to effectively support evenly ( jūn yún) Separated and peripheral bonded seal, with dry gas is formed between the glass layer space of glass products. Insulating glass has good insulation effect, prices are relatively high.

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