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Snack car manufacturers talk about the street shop as 'action' is not limited by time and place and bound

by:Jiexian     2020-09-01

the street shop car as 'action' is not limited by time and place and bound

the street shop car advantage ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Analysis ( Analyse)

theoretically, stores should be experiential marketing ( Category: marketing) Easy to play, because place fixed space is large, spacious, activities, thus to consumers ( 消费者) Great experience, prompt consumers ( 消费者) Purchase the corresponding products ( 产品) 。 But the experiential marketing is a kind of extremely dependent on consumer ( 消费者) Actively cooperate with the way, if they do not let the consumer ( 消费者) 'Not to please,' the effect of the marketing will be discounted. Merchants need new methods, as a result, the street shop car be vividly portrayed, its flagship 'business ( 业务) Outside paint 'will become the new impetus of experiential marketing, 权力) 。 Street shop car as 'action', face to face with consumers ( 消费者) , portable, everywhere to is it big advantages ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) , get rid of the dependence on fixed outlets, no longer restricted by time, place and bound. Downtown area, walking street, the door. 。 。 Consumers ( 消费者) Reserve the more can go to the foot of the area.

electric dining car battery for the vehicle to provide the total power ( 权力) Source, is like the heart of the electric car, and therefore is of crucial importance.

1, the surface of the battery, connecting wires and bolts ( Composition: the head and screw) Should be kept clean and dry for a long time. If there are any electrolyte used clean dishcloth wiped, reoccupy clear water rinse and wipe dry. In cleaning, 清洁) Process, it is prohibited to tap into the battery inside, in order to avoid leakage and increasing the self-discharge, lead to the vehicle fault occurs.

2, battery connection must be kept in good. Regularly inspect the battery connections between the transverse presence of rust, fastening nut without looseness, avoid caused by poor contact fever, such as flint, burn out very column.

note: fastening nut with the wrench application of tape wrapped around at the other end to prevent improper operation caused by short circuit ( Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) 。

3, battery on it is prohibited to put any goods, it is forbidden to connect battery is negative directly, lest cause a short circuit ( Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) And damage to the battery.

4, after the battery discharge, must be timely charging, shallow put frequently charge. The use of charging in the day, don't allow the next day, or more than 24 hours after charging. Otherwise, will shorten the battery life cycle ( 一生) 。 The summer after the vehicle, battery temperature ( 温度) Should not be high, charging immediately, should wait a moment, for the battery cooling ( 冷却) After charging, don't in the sunlight charge under sunlight. Winter temperature is very low, the battery is in low temperature state of the charge and discharge performance ( 性能) Will be reduced ( 减少) Charge should be indoors.

5, using battery handling vehicles equipped with special motor to recharge the battery, may use other charger ( 也许) Can damage the battery.

6, the battery is in use process, because the electrolysis of water in the electrolyte and volatile consumption ( consume) , will cause the loss of liquid level ( descend) ( Especially in summer) , so, often should inspect liquid surface height, recommend checking once a week, and distillation (circumstances need to be added Water.

7 cleaning, maintenance, battery, the battery may not fall into any foreign body inside, add water appliance should be kept clean, in order to avoid bringing impurities to the battery, battery performance. 。

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