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Snacks practitioners should understand the characteristics and advantages of electric breakfast carts

by:Jiexian     2021-08-10
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Snack food practitioners should master the characteristics and advantages of electric breakfast carts

The investment in electric smart breakfast carts is not high, the actual operation is convenient, the circulation is strong, and it saves a variety of stores The cost of hardware and high rent, the project investment is small. The mobile smart breakfast car must not only design the appearance of the scheme car to attract passengers, but also carry out scientific research and independent innovation of the kitchen utensils of the electric breakfast car to ensure the authentic Chinese fast food of the machinery and equipment [Chinese fast food is relative to Western fast food In other words, based on Chinese dining habits and combining certain elements of fast food, it is a brand-new form of Chinese local dining. 】Taste is the most important thing in catering trucks.

Product features of the breakfast car:

1. Electric rolling shutters are set up on both sides of the external structure of the car body [Electric rolling shutters are connected in series with multi-joint movable doors. The starting is driven by the motor unit, and the rolling shutters are in a fixed slide. Turn the upper and lower doors with the scroll above the door as the center. ]. The car body is light, environmentally friendly, and the mobile breakfast car is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

2. There is a washbasin with stainless steel plate as the countertop of the cabinet, the fried car moves the breakfast car, the advanced refrigeration equipment of the car insurance company, the actual operation area, the storage area, the price of a breakfast car, the promotion and planning area.

3. Modified ladders are available.

Figure 16. Sound power supply system water supply equipment, more unique appearance attracts everyone, low-key luxury with internal letters, so that everyone's business services are more prosperous, the city is more civilized, clean physical and mental health

5. Casual application of breakfast car mobile The students and salaried workers who are in a hurry for everyone in the morning can show that many companies are convenient, and more importantly, the ingredients inside are very simple, clean and hygienic.

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