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So what can the mobile snack cart be used to sell

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11

Multi-function activity snack cart integrates barbecue, frying, blanching, and teppanyaki functions in one, can be combined at will, three functions: frying, blanching, teppanyaki; four functions: barbecue, oil Deep-fried, shabu-shabu, teppanyaki. Gas, charcoal, gas-charcoal dual-use ~ convenient and affordable, can be customized for you, to meet different requirements.

How does the multi-function activity snack car make it so smoke-free? In traditional barbecues, a lot of oil smoke will occur during the barbecue process, yes The environment forms a lot of pollution, and the smokeless barbecue truck is professionally planned and produced by a large equipment factory. The table top is made of stainless steel material, which is clean and hygienic and easy to clean. The car body is made of iron plate material, and the surface is sprayed with anti-rust paint to be strong and durable.

The grill body is a vertical (vertical) grill. There are sinks at both ends of the furnace (water needs to be added). There are iron plates on the top to press the fire, and there is iron on the top. With the lid, put the meat skewers into the oven vertically. When the meat skewers are grilled to a certain degree, oil will be generated. The oil will drop directly into the sink, so that there will be no smoky taste and no harm to the body. . The pressing iron plate will turn the heat from the fire to the meat skewers at both ends, and then put the iron cover on, and people can prevent the hot moxibustion to the greatest extent. This multi-functional activity snack car is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

The secret ingredients for barbecue grilling are carefully distributed and secreted from dozens of Chinese medicinal materials. There are many kinds and tastes, including grilled wings, grilled skewers, grilled chicken legs, There are dozens of types including grilled chicken steak, grilled vegetables, grilled fruits, grilled fish, grilled seafood, etc. The grilled food is golden in color, imported crispy, tender and smooth, rich in nutrients, clean and hygienic, and you will never tire of eating.

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