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Solar electric brand competition - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
In general, solar electric dining car dealers in the peak season when business is not bad, is to contact solar electric dining car factory quite comfortably. And after October off-season, is solar electric dining car dealer inventory period, acting brands can go ahead, whether to need to add a new brand, and so on. And solar electric dining car factory in this period will add resources development with the customer, so in November of each year to the second year in March, before is the dealer to replace the peak of the brand. This year is divided into the following two categories. One is always the main products of solar electric ratio of dining car manufacturers. This kind of manufacturer of solar electric dining car is relatively cheap, but quality is not bad. It isn't a big brand in the job, but due to the price advantage for many dealers acting these brands can make money. We have learned, the brand's camp also in the extension, only solar electric diners, cheap prices, many dealers will be selected. Another kind is always the main technology and the selling point of the solar electric dining car factory. * * * the customer has two kinds, one kind is love cheap real benefit, it is to love and a function may be selling point more solar electric diners. But acting these brands, relatively high threshold, the dealer will declare vehicles must have money, stores, and personnel resources. But distribution of these there are selling solar electric diners, though it's expensive, but sell competition power. The above two types of solar electric dining car manufacturer brand will constitute complementary in dealers selling system, thus become dealer's * * *. And another kind of solar electric dining car manufacturer has been very tough days. I owe these days is better than the brand price is not cheap, quality is very general. In recent years, many close to a closed small brands bigger instead, and many of the seemingly strong brand decline is very serious. Solar electric dining car dealers, too, in recent years, the days and still is the ratio of the brand and the main technology and the selling point of the brand.
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