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Stability design of small electric dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14
With the current development of urban commerce, joint snacks have obviously become a fashion and symbol of people's consumption. However, for the sake of the urban environment, more people choose the food made by electric dining cars, which is convenient, clean and delicious. . Because of its functionality, this product has been designed to follow certain rules to ensure its stability. What measures have been taken? Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that has been engaged in product production for many years. Let us Get up and find out.

In order to maintain stability, the speed is generally not too fast. At the same time, because the height is much higher than that of ordinary cars, the requirements for stability are higher. Too fast, it is easy to cause rollover when turning or bumping.

For the consideration of stability, it is necessary to consider when designing and making. Most of them are sold one-way and open, resulting in different structures on both sides of the dining car. If the design is not properly designed, it is easy to cause unstable center of gravity. A rollover occurred.

From the perspective of the manufacturer, the suspension of the wheels should also be considered. A good suspension system can ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle. From the perspective of the user, it will be affirmed after formal use. A lot of food materials, cooking utensils, etc. will be stored inside, and the weight of these should not be ignored. These things must be fixed so that the driving can be more stable.

The above content is a series of designs made by small electric dining cars in order to ensure the stability. Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Co., Ltd. strives to provide customers with more Good user experience, everyone is welcome to come and buy.

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