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Street food carts are the latest in cool!

Street food carts are the latest in cool!


Street food carts are the latest in cool! Many more traditional restaurants are starting up their ideas with carts and kiosks. These alternatives provide a much better platform for low cost tests. Imagine being able to serve your food and beverage in one location, then, serve the same menu to another completely different crowd across town in the evening. Jiexian will empower your foody ideas. We will take your concepts and turn them into a driving reality. We have worked with all vertical and horizontal markets. We make and deliver commercial grade, self contained and food safe street carts and kiosks.

When Portland started their street food craze many years ago, it started as just an idea. many years later, other municipalities are starting the same idea. Street level food vending is an area of growth cities can still take advantage of, and so can you!...With our help of course, at Jiexian. We will consult with you, consider your needs and the application at hand. Are you selling grab and go food items? Or, are you wanting to actually cook at your location. These are things to consider intelligently. Before you can run you have to walk, and maybe a street cart is best. Bottom line, why don't you call us today, we are here to help.

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