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Talk about the electric car should be how to maintain - for breakfast Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
Breakfast price is materially beneficial, because we are direct manufacturers, direct is ex-factory price, price to sell. He also referred to as nutrient and centering breakfast breakfast cart, due to the equipment catering compound the human body needs many kind of nutrient elements, and you can according to demand for cars equipped with different equipment for breakfast, do different food, diversification makes customers always shine at the moment - — Player, can do what snacks; Coupled with the totally enclosed trailer type planning, clean sanitation, stainless steel mesa, easy to clean, dining car manufacturers selling electric flow, no lampblack, no noise, no pollution of environmental protection, let customers centering. Beijing car oxygen breakfast is strong, firepower fierce, more job processing with ZaoKou you worrying many hands are full of worry, and reveal ark can display products. Function is the most important thing is to 'convert' plan, don't have to change equipment, don't have to add something, conversion operations at any time. Points out that how to protect the electric car electric breakfast buffet car manufacturer into * * * to function food trucks are now more and more, electric car for breakfast, so, about protection of dining car maintenance operations should also be widely communicated, by electric dining car factory with below we together to get to know. Electric dining car factory suggest us, in order to make the broad customers better use diners, extending the use of diners become old, yea, it is important to grasp the protection of the dining car maintenance work. But about utility fast car maintenance work, the first is for maintenance of the battery protection and prevent exposure and so on, let's first to illustrate the battery maintenance and protection, a lot of people give an electric charge dining car, car electric activity breakfast, not too full, charging is without full electricity under the condition of using the battery for many times, make a battery feed, and then influence the use of the battery life spans, overcharge and make a battery supply. Will serious affect battery life, let's in charge, should grasp the charging frequency. Second, is about the dining car can't exposure in the sun, excessive exposure not only to the dining car is bound to be influenced on body, long time exposure can affect the appearance, and street car, electric breakfast about dining car battery has a great influence also is same, can make the battery internal pressure to add and make a battery fluid loss. Electric snack car battery is electric snack car '* * *', did not have the battery electric vehicle snacks can also appears to be a 'waste', so it is very important to protect electric snack car battery is, the following will introduce our measures for the protection of electric snack car battery. 1, electric charging snack car must use dedicated charger, don't mix charger, prevent pose a hazard to the battery. Do often charge, using the vehicle when the day is full of electricity, don't wait for no electricity recharging. When the battery should be electric door closed, bear in mind that don't will be rechargeable battery upside down. 2, as far as possible when charging a full, smelling is probably in the process of charging the battery temperature is too high, intermittent charging immediately and contact of specialized personnel for maintenance. There is charging time if charge indicator showing the full recharge condition don't immediately stopped charging, should be in floating 2-20 Three hours; In order to protect the battery, the user can use with charge, the battery is low just don't use recovery voltage trek again, to prevent the attack a serious loss of electricity. Now electric vehicles such as snack car got more widely used, trust us we are the understanding. It is very important of vehicle batteries, let's just correct grasp the measures for the protection of electric snack car batteries, talent is extending the use of electric snack car full enough.
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