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Talk about what is the advantage of electric diners - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
Due to the function of electric diners planning, so the speed is generally not too fast. Together, as a result of the height of the electric dining car is much higher than the average car, so the requirement of safe sex is also higher. Considering the safe sex, diners in planning and making, gaomi city electric dining car manufacturers should be aware of, the end of the produce of time don't let the dining car structure is different, assume that improper planning, is a brief lead to heavy - The heart is not safe, also very brief overturned. Like common room type electric diners are the same, the height of the car more than 2. 2 meters. Assume too fast, turn or ride very brief constitute a rollover. From the perspective of manufacturer, we must also consider the wheel suspension. A good suspension system can ensure the vehicle safe and comfortable - Eligibility. From the user's perspective, electric formal dining car after use, must be stored many of the ingredients, cooking utensils, etc. The importance of these problems cannot be ignored. General 30 kg is the weight of the household gas canisters. Add rice flour and other equipment, the weight is not small. In order to make the electric diner run more smoothly, also needs these things fixed. Now electric diners are finished ultra low carbon environmental protection, and the appearance of the electric diners not atmosphere, use rise also is very lunch, it's a body structure can be said to set several diners advantages of integration, some electric food truck plus a small shed, looks are also very beautiful and easy, and now these electric dining car also has the function of the block wind block rain.
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