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Talking about the key points of four-wheel electric dining car charging

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

The four-wheel electric dining car is a very common vehicle tool used in mobile restaurant operations. The vehicle mainly uses storage batteries as the main energy source. The dining car can be used for the operation of breakfast, fast food, snacks, etc. The use of the fast food truck may require relevant certificates. It is recommended to consult the relevant departments and complete the procedures before opening. The quality and capacity of the storage battery of the dining car affect the length of time the vehicle can be used, so it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and correct charging.

The main points to note when charging a four-wheel electric dining car are as follows:

1. When charging the lead-acid battery of the dining car, It will produce flammable and explosive gas, so care should be taken to maintain a good ventilation environment.

2. Open the door of the dining car, open the seat cushion of the outreach car, and prohibit fireworks in the charging area to avoid accidents during the charging process.

3. No conductive objects can be placed on the battery body, and it is strictly forbidden for any impurities to fall into the battery to prevent the battery from short-circuiting.

4. The charging process should be complete. Intermittent charging will affect the capacity and life of the battery.

5. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be stored at full charge, and supplementary charging shall be performed every half month, and full charge and discharge shall be performed every month.

6. Pay attention to the correct charging connection, do not overcharge.

The four-wheel electric dining car battery should be used in normal times to avoid exposure and humidity, and the battery should not be over-discharged. For more information about electric vehicles, please check our website.

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