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Talking about the Marketing Plan of Mala Tang Snack Cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

The Mala Tang Snack Cart is a multi-functional combination of Mala Tang, bubble hot, smokeless barbecue, iron plate barbecue, casual frying point, hot and sour noodles, rice noodles, pearl milk tea and other flavor snacks. Smoke-free food truck. , Mobile operation: It can be sold in busy downtowns, supermarkets, night markets, schools, scenic spots, stations, docks and other places with high crowd density, and the business is definitely booming.

This method almost does not require investment in fixed assets, avoiding facade rent and decoration costs, and there is no risk at all. It is most suitable for investors who are starting a business for the first time and whose capital strength is weak. For Mala Tang shops that already have a certain scale of business and are looking for expansion, they can set up more snack truck business locations in the same city to help increase the profit and popularity of the shop and expand at low cost.

Malatang Malatang lease operation: In tourist areas, especially natural scenic spots, equipment can be rented out, and some barbecue ingredients and seasonings can be prepared. Rent and sell Raw materials, double share to make money. This kind of operation must have innate conditions, that is, within the scope of tourist attractions, it is best to cooperate with tourism companies.

Shop-in-shop operation: use some conspicuous locations inside the shop, but it’s not easy to put equipment that enlarges the size, and install a spicy snack cart, which can attract Customers can also increase operating profit. It is better to set 30-40 kinds of processed products every day. It attracts more customers with environmental protection and sanitation, fresh varieties, peculiar flavors, and good health care functions. It can be rotated every 10 days. Variety.

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