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Teach you how to clean the dining car pool - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-16
Utility snack car was bought by the operators from the activities of the dining car manufacturers back to back, generally in check after the cleaning is preliminary operation, choose a good operating address is very important. While operating snack car is not a very difficult project, but all things are artificial, putting the snack car running well, keep a careful talented enough, because the snack car is a food operation project, so the clean health is the primary condition, but can't see it, but most of the operators think occasional cleaning a can, this is wrong, must give top priority to the health of the customer, not careless carelessness. When cleaning, first to snack car down on wet dishcloth special cleaner scrub snack car pool, and then carefully scrubbing, assuming it was dirty demand washed a few times more talented enough, what this is about the health of customers. Assumes that the drainage pipeline with besmirch, can be the coffee dregs into the sink, water to wash away the, can remove odor in water pipeline and greasy. Assume that using cleaner and remaining steel brush stainless steel basin, will constitute a birdbath appearance scratch, but replace the consolidation with sponge brush, some play dirty and difficult to remove, can dip in with the rest of the radish or small cucumber clastic cleaner scour, then clean with clear water again, can make the stainless steel water can keep light like new forever. Proverb said well, detail decision success or failure, after purchase qualified utility diners products, assume that some of the details look less than maybe will affect the utility of all the dining car use.
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