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Tell everyone about a note - backing out Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-18
Electric snack car with social development, in the food industry's position is becoming more and more high, it is different with general fixed businesses, it can be arbitrary, but as we started at the demand in reverse time pay attention to safety, the following will give us something about backing up the notice items: 1, first let's common to use electric snacks before the car back to the right look to the blind area in some conditions. 2, due to the launch of radar planning is cone shaped, so reverse radar is the first blind area planning between sound waves and sound waves of ultrasonic probe announced 'shine' to planning. 3, the second is let's be more by the naked eye to investigate into the surrounding environment, don't be too dependent on electronic products, for equipment, after all, only have assisted effect. 4, assume that you can do perhaps in some guidelines under the condition of complete astern! In the reverse time don't try so hard, the other would rather spend time to wait until no one around at the back again. 5, this also say clear trek is demand have enough qualified talent operate trek, this also is to make sure that the drive part and the safety of the pedestrians on the road.
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