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The advantage of malatang diner in the era of mobile Internet - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-13
With our country economy rapidly expand, leisure snacks, malatang lunch we all know. To pedestrian street, commercial street, snacks city attractions such as numerous local, we can see the shadow of the malatang, selection of electric utility malatang is unfolding prospects. Malatang not only cheap price, and delicacies. A variety of taste, welcome and accepted by many customers. * * * reflects the strong development momentum, catering food consumption become annual consumption safe add important strength. With the arrival of the mobile Internet and restaurant O2O, stores difficult do, snack bar is harder. Malatang wants to do good, both to good location, good decoration, and all kinds of food safety, fire safety licenses, etc. , not to force the chef, best taste even it is hard to do not have repeat customers. Coupled with the rent, decoration costs, into the hundreds of thousands of yuan. Mobile utility diner, on the other hand, a car around the country, where there are many, don't need to decorate, chefs don't demand, make contribution to the difficulty of the catering greatly decreased, let you don't have to look. Electric utility malatang with sale, strictly control from the source of food to buy, not only because security label, no inspection and quarantine of food into * * *. Diners on selection of hutch of refrigeration and heating system in detail, in ensuring that taste together, to ensure video security issues. In influencing people diet day grasp the elements of catering operation occupies a large proportion. Especially for catering operation are now more and more high, the dependence of catering operation is urgent needs to actively improve.
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