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The advantages and disadvantages of the mobile diners and restricting factors of the development of the - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-04
Many people about our mobile diners, price, manufacturer, etc. Now have some understanding, and also as we discussed, and the advantages and disadvantages of small make up today will introduce us to move the dining car and mobile diner on what have been bound, hope can help to us. The first is the quality of the battery. Mobile dining car, is the electric drive, but cannot be launched due to battery problem. Assume that shortage of domestic battery energy density, energy density that what is? Usually can understand per unit weight of the battery of energy, such as uniform 200 wh/kg is 1 kg battery power energy with 200 wh. It is this value is bigger, the better, can cut the energy dissipations of the weight of the battery. Second, the city growth and street management. Now city growth pole adjustable, originally can run by many garden land has been expropriated, or plan to do with. Fortunately, it has good mobility, can follow guidelines to adjust exchange places.
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