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The advantages of electric patrol car imported snack dining car electric control

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

  1, over-temperature protection function

   It is well known that the electric current of the electric patrol car is the largest when it starts. At this time, the instantaneous large current will cause the internal circuit to heat up, and may even break the fuse. The over-temperature protection function of Curtis electronic control can effectively prevent the fuse from being broken down by high current, reducing the breakdown rate by about 97%, and can intelligently distribute the current during driving to ensure that the entire vehicle circuit will not overheat.

  2, good matching

  Curtis Electronic Control adopts the most advanced high-performance control system with high-power MOSFET technology in the world, matching with batteries and motors up to 99.9% , To give full play to the maximum performance of the electric patrol car.

  3, stability

  The internal computer chip processing system of the controller relies on the most advanced control program to intelligently control the running state of the electric vehicle, and the bypass control function reduces electricity during the climbing process. Controlled heat generation and downhill regenerative braking (spot braking) effectively ensure driving safety.

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