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The appearance characteristics of the dining car that is fluid and not restricted by the venue

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

The electric dining car is a kind of dining car, which has the characteristics of good mobility, free from space constraints, and compact appearance. It is suitable for the food delivery needs of cities and factories. The appearance is simple and atmospheric. The electric dining car is composed of three parts: electrical system, chassis, and body. Three core components: battery, motor and electric control.

Electric dining car driving mode: electric drive is safe, green and environmentally friendly, it does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere, and it can be used only by charging the battery Because most power plants are built far away from densely populated cities, they are less harmful to humans, and the exhaust gas of power plants can be discharged in a concentrated manner, and it is easy to remove various harmful emissions. In recent years, China has continuously expanded hydropower, nuclear power, and wind power generation. Investment, I believe that electric vehicles will become the most powerful means of transportation and equipment in the next few years.

The electric dining car can make full use of the surplus electricity charging at night when the electricity is low, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, which greatly improves its economic benefits, which is conducive to energy saving and reduction The advantages of carbon dioxide emissions and functional modification design are widely used in large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places for food delivery services to truly achieve health, environmental protection, comfort and energy saving, and meet different needs of customers.

The storage battery of the electric dining car is strictly prohibited from losing power. The state of power loss means that the electric dining car is not charged in time after being used. When the battery is stored in a state of depletion, sulfation is prone to occur. Lead sulfate crystals adhere to the electrode plate, which will block the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the idle time in the power-deficient state, the more severe the battery damage. Therefore, when the food delivery truck is not in use, it should be replenished once a month to keep the battery down.

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