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The Convenient of Food trucks and trailers

The Convenient of Food trucks and trailers


        Food trucks and trailers are convenient for many reasons. First, it is more economical to invest in a food truck or concession trailer‚ than it is to build a brick and mortar restaurant. With lower barriers of entry and lower initial capital investment‚ it is easier and faster to bring your unique concept to fruition. Second‚ mobility means you have room for trial and error to find the best spot to reach the greatest amount of customers and makes you more nimble to react to other competitors. Third‚ it adds excitement to your location.

        The mobile cuisine industry has seen consistent double digit growth over the last 7 years as consumers have shifted their taste to unique gourmet cuisine at budget conscious prices. The mobile kitchen allows you to connect with your customer base through social media as customers can be easily made aware of your location and new menu choices. More importantly‚ studies show that when customers encounter a cluster of food trucks or trailers‚ 3 out of 4 customers purchase food from multiple vendors. This creates a more interactive and dynamic eating experience that can not be simulated by brick and mortar food service establishments.

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