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The electric price electric maintenance - diners Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-28
Mobile utility car called the nutrient breakfast, centering breakfast car, the car equipment can put many kinds of, all can be called utility vehicle breakfast again, because this equipment catering accord with human body needs many kinds of nutrient elements, and you can according to the demand for utility vehicle equipped with different equipment for breakfast, do different food, diversification makes customers always shine at the moment, also known as 'utility nutrient diners. Utility of dining car furnace selection system alone far infrared heat radiation structure planning, carefully planning a barbecue and fuel-efficient azimuth, barbecue, smoke-free fly ash fully, to prevent the baked food drip oil falling into a fire of coals, utility electric diners. General breakfast to planning is exquisite, lunch adjustable operating is equipped with dual furnace drawer of steaming box, Fried, can manufacture heating milk, porridge, soy milk, etc. , the other can do blast furnace, drink machines, etc. Let's diner has the product patent, utility diner where there are sold, above the dining car is more of a market now imitate our generation product. Our promotion after diner, diners, more human. Add the necessary useful function. Do meal is demand store boss, breakfast and activities, car don't have to shop, not paying the rent without decoration, not the chef, don't add equipment, roasted, Fried Fried, rinse, Fried, steamed omnipotent. Car can make all kinds of flavor snacks, and breakfast breakfast, snack, etc. Stakeholders in no matter when and where to be able to earn money, the dining car brands, and less of choose and employ persons, fast production, money is not too difficult. Utility car snack food truck car early breakfast stainless steel manufacture, easy to clean, environmentally friendly; Meat, oil, coals, soot, fly ash, more health; Internal structure choose secondary ventilation principle planning, gas burning more prosperous; Use double steel heat preservation planning of the body, heat preservation effect, more energy efficient; Fuel selection mechanism charcoal, meaty flavor more. The movement of the body, fixed. Homework, more lunch, photo frame, beautiful and generous price is not high, easy to learn easily, durable supply free food formula. Grilled, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki work for a suit, to do their combination. Three functions: Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki. The four functions: barbecue, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki. Charcoal, gas and gas carbon dual-use, lunch! It can customize according to customer different needs.
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