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The embodiment of the electric dining car environmental protection and energy saving Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-28
Electric diners, as the major force of environmental protection and energy saving new s of the people's life and health are of great help. Electric diners to do well in the process of using and maintenance, careful use can greatly extend the dining car use fixed number of year. Below shows that extension of electric diners by workers for you a good way to use fixed number of year. Electric diner is the main force of environmental protection and energy saving new s. Electric diner in the process of charging, briefly presents the sulfide representation, lead sulfate attack will cover of PCB gradually, so the area of the active plate will gradually decrease, decreased the concentration of the liquid, it will make a battery of electric capacity cuts, assume that the battery capacity reduction speed is very fast, battery life is very short. Time temperature and charging environment will affect the charging process of electric dining car, first is affect the voltage range. Shall be based on different environment timely adjust the charger, so you can try to prevent the battery's attack drum surface blasting. Let's continue to improve vision, has always been committed to the development of usefulness and high reliable products, writing homework in order to become the domestic leader, make electric diners products customers * * * products in our country, and grow together with our customers, robust. Electric diners spread to people's life brought the huge change, let the workers not to be sad for a breakfast, and also for the urban green made great dedication. Electric dining car electric drive and control system is the center of the electric dining cars, too, differences in internal combustion engine car * * * the differences. Electric drive and control system by the drive motor, power supply and motor speed control equipment, etc. Electric primary dining car is electric energy into mechanical energy, through the transmission device or direct drive wheels and operating equipment. But dc motor due to commutation spark, small power, low power, protection and maintenance work; Along with the electric diners skills, lead-acid battery because of the low energy, charging speed, short stature, gradually replaced by other batteries.
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