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The group snack dining car of the electric sightseeing car is part of

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

   Electric sightseeing car [Electric sightseeing car, also called sightseeing electric car, is a type of regional electric car, which can be divided into residential car, electric classic car, small golf car . 】It often appears in life, but many people don’t know what kind of environment it is suitable for. Let the editor take you to understand and popularize the knowledge of electric sightseeing cars. The electric sightseeing car is composed of three parts: the body, the chassis, and the electrical system.

   1. The body of the electric sightseeing car-used to ride the driver and passengers.

   2. Chassis of electric sightseeing car: It is divided into four systems according to function.

  1. Transmission-clutch [The clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the clutch is the input of the gearbox. axis. ], gearbox, cardan shaft device, final drive, differential and half shaft in drive axle, etc.

  2, the driving system-plays the role of link and load. Mainly include frame, axle, wheel and suspension, etc.

  3. Steering system-including steering wheel, steering gear and transmission rods, etc.

  4. Braking system—used to control vehicle speed and parking. Including brakes and brake control devices.

   Third, the electric sightseeing car electrical system: According to the function, it is divided into two systems.

  1. Powertrain-lithium battery, motor, etc.

  2, control and auxiliary systems-lithium battery control, accelerator, switch, wiring harness, charger, etc.

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