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The introduction of the use of the advantages of the breakfast car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-16
one Function more comprehensive: choose new stainless steel plate, in order to convenient, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving as the planning idea of combining modern mechanical processing. It sets a barbecue, rinse hot, Fried, teppanyaki at an organic whole, with less of choose and employ persons, brief operation, production fast, products, such as big interests. Shop boss is an activity, as well as to the night market, * * *, * * *, school, factory, pedestrian street, the place such as residential operations; Also suitable for existing locations for combined operations. Utility snack car, which is based on the frame, on the oven, integrating furnace, cabinet, box and case, compact and nimble, easy points along the street, operational activities. Novel appearance beautiful, internal structure of science, barbecue, rinse hot and Fried, teppanyaki, malatang work for a suit, a variety of barbecue, Fried, teppanyaki, etc. A lot of work for a suit, multi-usage, win more customers, broaden the way to earn money. two Environmental protection and energy saving: smoke-free barbecue more environmental protection! Special infrared ceramic barbecue, can a single control barbecue fire tests, barbecue area to meet heating, double-sided heat energy, not only save fuel, baked faster and temperature, the more easily completely changes the past single taste, barbecue disadvantages such as environmental pollution, is a transformation of grill diet civilization. Just finished sanitation, health, environmental protection requirements. 3. Move more lunch operation adjustable: improved body structure and universal wheel planning, use and move more lunch.
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