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The maintenance of electric patrol car controller is important for mobile dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

   The rain began to increase in autumn. If the electric patrol car [Electric Patrol Car] is a model specially designed and developed for personnel patrolling in special departments, the The models are divided into ordinary patrol cars and closed types, and ordinary patrol cars can be divided into ordinary and luxury types. 】The controller is wetted by rain, the electric patrol car may not start, the main reason is that the circuit in the controller is short-circuited.

   Controller, as an important part of the electric patrol car, because it is an electrical device, it is very important to release water. Once it touches water, it is very easy to damage.

  The electric patrol cars are all waterproofed, but sometimes it is inevitable that a little water will penetrate in. It is necessary to prevent the controller from getting water in the rainy season.

  Some controllers are under the electric patrol car body, close to the ground. When the electric patrol car passes through puddles and other places, it will often be submerged in water, causing rainwater to enter. Special attention should be paid to preventive measures for electric patrol cars on rainy days.

   If you encounter the above situation, turn off the power as soon as possible and put it in a relatively dry place. If a large amount of water enters the controller, if you cannot handle it, please go to the factory as soon as possible Professional repair personnel handle it.

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