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The national policy advantage of supporting the development of electric sightseeing car breakfast shops

by:Jiexian     2021-08-10

  The national government pays great attention to the development and industrialization of electric sightseeing vehicles. The 'Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development' proposes to 'enhance the independent innovation capability of the automobile industry and encourage the development and use of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and new fuel vehicles.' In February 2006, the 'Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006~2020)' issued by the State Council listed 'low energy consumption and new energy vehicles' as a priority theme and cutting-edge technology.

   The National Development and Reform Commission put forward in the “Auto Industry Development Policy” that “the automobile industry should combine the national energy structure adjustment strategy and the requirements of emission standards, and actively carry out research on new types of power such as power batteries for electric sightseeing vehicles. And industrialization'. The revised draft of the Energy Conservation Law mentions that the state encourages the development, production and use of alcohol-ether fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric sightseeing vehicles, gas vehicles and other new energy vehicles. The 'China's National Climate Change Plan' proposes to 'study policies to encourage the production and consumption of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric sightseeing vehicles.'

   In order to promote the technological progress of automotive products, protect the environment, promote energy conservation and sustainable development, and encourage enterprises to research, develop and produce new energy electric sightseeing cars, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 'New Energy Vehicle Production Standards'. The “Regulations on Entry Management” defines the scope of new energy vehicles and makes specific provisions on the production capacity and design and development capabilities of enterprises producing new energy vehicles. And while the country is developing the electric sightseeing car industry, it has also formulated corresponding policies for the pricing of electric sightseeing cars and subsidies for the new energy industry.

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