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The performance characteristics of flow in the dining car driver: what - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-14

electric cars car electric drive is the center of its function, so the driver has the characteristics of the function of what? This is the small make up want more let's introduce a problem, here we come to we introduce this problem. Electric drive and control system is the center of the electric car compartments, is also a difference in internal combustion engine car big differences. Electric drive and control system by the drive motor, power supply and motor speed control equipment, etc. Electric primary dining car is electric energy into mechanical energy, through the transmission device or direct drive wheels and operating equipment. But dc motor due to commutation spark, small power, low power, protection and maintenance work; Follow skills, lead-acid batteries because of the low energy, charging speed, short stature, gradually replaced by other batteries. Now, * * * electric micro card, electric load cargo on good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled, about the friend that wants to buy, how to buy a quality reliable, durable use, after have to ensure that the micro card, electric cars, electric goods is on the do not have relevant knowledge of major obstacles in front of the customer. The use of electric dining car, maintenance work can't be ignored. In the maintenance of the time, according to the season should consider sex problem on its composition, choose different processing methods. Well, let's detail how should do? This is the small make up want to come with us to introduce one of the problems, the following let's to introduce our this problem. Electric diners in qiu dong the day festival, in charge, each time back home, no matter use time length, all want to charge, make a battery insisted on sufficient electricity conditions apply, hypothetical accident not be full of electricity to the battery is not big, but often not be full of electricity use, the battery will attack a 'memory', affect the line continuation journey, also with the battery using life spans. Charge when you plug plug of the battery, and then insert the plug. Fully charged, first pull the plug, pull out the battery plug again. Assumption is not prepared to use in the winter, don't always in the next year when use rechargeable batteries, and it should be every 1 month to charge one battery, in order to ensure the lead-acid battery storage talent, prevent damage of acid spillover batteries together. Repair personnel said maintenance charging battery will remember to frequently, more power. Initiated to prevent large current discharge and cut manned exercise, human promotion or power cycling when climbing, or to the harm of the battery. Assumes that the vehicle in the open air or cold storage for weeks don't have the time, should remove the battery, you for a warm room, to prevent freeze damage to the battery. Electric diners homework, a primary question is for the product, we will constantly optimize, such talent is enough. Then, carries on the optimization, we need to consider the problem of what? This is the small make up want to introduce one of the problems to us, let's learn about the below. Optimize electric dining car, one is a battery problem, storage capacity will be larger, and the volume of the battery will be more small, lunch to begin with the customer. Now has the output of electric diners volume is small, and the lunch in our park, more will not account for the space, related to the people who now have private cars, car parking is also a very important problem, some owners worry can't find suitable local parking in, something will choose public transport travel, but if we open the dining car travel, don't need worry so many questions, because even a small space to the dining car parked it there. Electric diners in use, the right using method is important, right about the car function and using the stature has great influence. So, electric diner in the process of using, we should pay attention to what issues? Below we will introduce the problem. 1, electric diners use to check the tire pressure is normal, often in the process of pressure is not straight often pose a serious phenomenon, power consumption is also reduced travel course; 2, vehicle has just launched, pay attention to speed up is bound to slow some, don't suddenly accelerated, to prevent the hazards of vehicle original yuan equipment, process of journey, don't repeatedly launch, brake; 3, charging time according to the practice situation to master, prevent excessive charge may be lost when in charge, so about the damage to the battery constitute a very large; 4, stop in the sun insolates, prevent a damage to the battery, shorten the use of vehicles stature; 5, vehicle long time place don't have to, to ensure that at least a month to charge and must be full, and stop the loss under the condition of the electric put.

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