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The PROs and CONs of a Food Cart Business

The PROs and CONs of a Food Cart Business


        There are many advantages to starting your own food cart business, which is why a lot of people choose to do just that. 

The PROs include:

Low start-up costs

Less risky than opening up a restaurant

The ability to be your own boss

The flexibility to work when and where you want

Little restaurant experience required

The growing popularity of the street food trend

But, as with all business endeavours, there are also CONs to examine. A food cart business is no walk in the park: there’s a lot of hard work to be done and you’ll only see significant profits after your business picks up.

The biggest CONs are:

Being self-employed can be testing for some

Long hours, early mornings and night shifts required

Fierce competition

There are many regulations and laws to comply with

Seasonal reliance

Finding a suitable location that you’re allowed to trade in

Customer service can be challenging if you’re a solo-preneur

        From our experience as food carts manufacturers, people are attracted by affordable start-up costs and by flexibility; at the same time, the most common complaints – at least in the initial phase – are long working hours and industry volatility in terms of trends and business opportunities.

        However, if you are passionate about good food and you start with solid and well-researched plan, there is every chance you could make a roaring success of your food cart start-up.

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