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The reason why electric catering truck patrol car is not charging

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

   For the staff who are preparing to dispatch the police or conduct public security patrols, the sudden failure of charging the electric patrol car is really a headache. In order to prevent such a situation, the charger, charging socket, battery, and wiring should be checked every time when charging. When using the vehicle, you should learn to maintain and maintain it to prevent problems from causing you to be unable to drive in an emergency.

  1. Inspection of the charger of the electric patrol car

   When it is found that the battery cannot be charged, the first thing to do is to check whether the charger is intact and whether the charging parameters are normal Phenomenon, check the other components one by one after confirming that there is no problem; check whether the charging circuit is normal, whether the wire head, plug and socket are intact, if there is any damage to the circuit, it should be handled immediately, and the charging circuit must be well connected.

  Second, battery inspection

  When the electric patrol car battery appears monotonous, it will affect the battery capacity, and when it is serious, the battery will be unavailable. Therefore, when using this type of vehicle It is necessary to understand how the electric patrol car should be charged correctly. Many users don't pay much attention to how to charge and think that they are charged when they are used up. In fact, this will affect the efficiency of the battery and cause the battery activity to decrease. Assuming that the battery is monotonous, you have to add pure water for charging and discharging maintenance; check the plate for irreversible sulfation. About what is irreversible sulfation? Can be judged through two aspects. The first is that the voltage is rising rapidly during charging, especially when the voltage is extremely high on some single ones. The second is the rapid drop in voltage during discharge. The occurrence of these two phenomena indicates that there is a problem with the plate.

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