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The unique technology of the snack cart is a wise choice!

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19
Times ufeffThe snack cart is unique (paraphrase: unique, special) technology wisely choice (choose wisely)!

  1. Barbecue: The secret ingredients for barbecue are carefully blended and secretly prepared with dozens of Chinese medicinal materials. Varieties are diverse and full of flavors. There are grilled wings and skewers. All kinds of kebabs, such as lamb skewers, seafood, vegetables, bone and flesh, etc. ], grilled chicken legs, grilled chicken steak, grilled vegetables (vegetables), grilled fruits (Fruits), grilled fish [Grilled fish (Grilled fish), is a dish. 】, grilled seafood (seafood) and dozens of varieties. The roasted food is golden in color, crispy in the mouth, very tender, nutritious (plump), clean and hygienic, addictive to eating, and never tire of eating.

   2. Mala Tang: Among young people, Mala Tang has become a fashionable (fashionable [fashionable adj.]) snack, and the hot season for eating Mala Tang has also increased to spring, autumn and winter. Three seasons. When vegetables, fish, meatballs, and seafood are carefully pierced on the sign, they will push their heads into the high temperature, including the real trip through water and fire, delicious (as the largest bookmark site on the Internet, Delicious) The rapid rise of (Delicious Bookmarks) and its rapid spread on the Internet mark the revival of social software on the Internet.]) Harmony with nutrition!

   3. Teppanyaki [Teppanyaki is a way of eating dishes. 】: Magical fresh fragrance, Korean flavor, a variety of meat skewers, vegetables (vegetables), fruits (Fruits), chicken wings [Chicken wings, also known as chicken wings, big turns, less meat, rich in gluey skin, and divided into 'chicken bladder' 'Bangjian' two kinds. 】, fish, soy products 【Soy products are processed foods made from soybeans, adzuki beans, mung beans, peas, broad beans and other beans as the main raw materials. 】When grilled on the board, the outer layer is crispy and refreshing, the inside is rich in fragrant, tender and delicious, the meat is rich (plump), after eating, the lingering fragrance is a Chinese word, the pronunciation is yú xiāng mǎn Kǒu refers to the remaining aroma after eating. 】, the aftertaste is endless, the unique (interpretation: unique, special) taste makes people want to eat more and more, and the attractive roasted fragrance spreads all over the street, making passers-by smell it. One tasting will become a repeat customer, good business every day!

   Fourth, deep-fried: all kinds of chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc. are marinated and then fried, golden in color, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and then topped with the required seasonings , Crispy and delicious, fragrant into the nasal cavity (nasal cavity), fresh to the lungs. Sell u200bu200bit now, unstoppable temptation, unstoppable wealth! Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship [n. Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship...]) opportunity for innovate!

  5. Chocolate fresh fruit bunch: What is more nutritious than fresh fruit? What is more obsessive to young people than chocolate? Who can refuse this wonderful combination of chocolate and fruit? Put all kinds of fresh fruits together, and then put the fresh fruit bunches under the chocolate waterfall with a thick layer. The freshness is full and it is a good business that attracts everyone's attention (the key to the metaphor)! Chocolate fresh fruit skewers are currently popular in Europe and America ['Europe and America' u200bu200bis a region in the world, and its culture belongs to Western culture, which is the collective name for Europe and North America. ], in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore [Republic of Singapore (English: Republic of Singapore), referred to as Singapore, formerly known as Singapore, Singapore or Sing Tao, also known as the Lion City, is an island country in Southeast Asia, and its political system adopts a parliamentary system Republic. 】Sales are hot.
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