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Things to consider when buying a food cart.

Things to consider when buying a food cart.


Step 2   

        Take a look at included equipment, and figure out if there’s room to expand. Because of their use in food service and their constant exposure to the elements. Where possible, ask to inspect the food cart when it is operational, so you can evaluate things like the food warming system, any issues with the electrical system (where applicable), or where there are potential health code violations lurking just below the surface.

       Carefully evaluate any existing equipment, and verify that it is all in working condition. Also look at the overall level of cleanliness of the food cart or kiosk.

        Make sure that the lineup of equipment that’s included, matches your concept. For example, does it make sense to have steam compartments for hot dog buns, if you’re planning to sell empanadas? And if your food cart or kiosk doesn’t have the equipment you’ll need off-the-shelf, is there room to make changes or expand?

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