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Things to consider when buying a food cart.

Things to consider when buying a food cart.


Step 4

         Evaluate the quality of the structural aspects of the food cart or kiosk. There’s a lot of money in food carts, and perhaps even more in their construction. It’s all too easy for a welder or electrician to decide to try to turn a quick buck on the side, and start cranking out food trucks or carts, and the build quality often suffers. Check all of the welds and seams where any metal joins with other metal, and make sure that all connections are tight and secure. Check to make sure that all equipment is securely bolted down or appropriately contained, and that there are no leaks anywhere. Look for surfaces that are made of stainless steel, to make it easy to clean. Inspect axles and wheels to make sure they are turning freely.

         Check for rust, particularly on the underside of the food cart. The aluminum body that makes up the bulk of your food cart won’t rust, but the steel frame that makes up its structure can be vulnerable to rust and the elements. Check for rust on the steel frame, on the axel, and on the towing tongue or jack. Rust is insidious, and if there is rust present on the day you buy the food cart, it almost certainly will need to be eventually repaired before it causes serious damage to structure.

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