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Things to consider when buying a food cart.

Things to consider when buying a food cart.


Water System:

       Does the food cart have a water supply for a handwash sink? Is there a hot water heater? How big is it? Is it producing water that is at least 110 degrees, as mandated by the health department? Is the water brown or murky, indicating rust in the tank? If you had to replace the hot water heater, is it easy to reach and accessible? What happens to wastewater? How the wastewater tank is drained? Is there a three-bay sink for washing dishes, with a separate hand wash sink?

Propane System:

       Are your major cooking appliances or warmers powered by propane? Where are the propane tanks located? Will you have to have propane delivered, or is there a removable tank? Is the tank large enough to power multiple appliances for several days at a time? Is there a spare, as required by some states? Are all gas connections to appliances tight, with regulators in place as needed?

       Finally, evaluate whether a food cart or kiosk is even what you’re after. Remember, your concept may not allow you to serve your food from a cart or kiosk in your state. If you’re planning a mobile business with food that require extensive preparation or cooking, a full-fledged food truck or concession trailer may be more the solution you’re looking for. Make decisions based not on what seems the easiest or least expensive to get started, but on what the actual needs of your business are, and act accordingly.

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