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Things to consider when using electric pallets

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

Electric pallet trucks are now widely used in our country, and some companies or individuals are used for moving, transporting and other businesses. The vehicle is started by a battery or an electric motor and used for charging. Compared with traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, they are more environmentally friendly. The size of the body is mainly divided into small, medium and large according to the actual use. When choosing to buy, pay attention to check the battery capacity of the vehicle. When driving and using, you need to pay attention to the following items:

1. Drivers should strictly abide by traffic safety, and some vehicles need to consider the issue of driving licenses.

2. Regarding the licensing of electric pallet trucks, whether it is necessary or not, the local traffic management shall prevail, and the relevant traffic police department should be consulted.

3. Check the condition of the vehicle before driving, including tires, brake system, vehicle battery, etc.

4. The vehicle should not be overloaded and should not exceed the maximum load-bearing range.

5. Pay attention to the stability of the goods loaded by the truck.

6. In case of failure during use, maintenance inspection shall be carried out in time.

7. Because the battery energy is limited, do not use it for other provinces or long-distance transportation.

8. If you do not use the vehicle for a long time, it is best to remove the battery, charge it, and keep it properly.

The above are a few issues that need to be paid attention to or considered about the use of electric pallets. If you want to know more about electric vehicles, you can follow us.

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