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Things to consider when using electric sightseeing cars

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

Electric sightseeing is now developing rapidly with the development of my country's tourism industry. As the name suggests, a car is a vehicle that carries people to and from sightseeing spots after being charged. The product is now the main tool for people to travel in many gardens and tourist attractions. The car has the characteristics of simplicity, convenience, speed and environmental protection. The charged price needs to comply with national regulations, and when it is purchased and used, it also needs to comply with the relevant safety management system.

1. Requirements of the driver Methods, inspection and maintenance and charging methods, understand the rules of safe operation. It is not allowed to take drugs or drive after drinking alcohol. There is no problem with morality and can help tourists to understand the route and scenic spots of the scenic spot.

Second, the driving of the car

1. The car is restricted to driving within the scope of the unit, and not allowed to drive beyond the scope.

2. The road surface must be stable and the speed shall not exceed 15 km/h. The speed limit in continuous rainy weather is 5-10 km/h.

3. No overloading or overcrowding is allowed, and the position of the safety warning sign is required to be obvious.

4. When encountering a motor vehicle, take the initiative to yield and comply with relevant traffic laws and regulations.

3. Work shifts

1. When car staff change shifts, ensure that there are no accidents. It is necessary to check whether the car is abnormal, whether the power is sufficient, and whether the inside and outside of the vehicle are clean and tidy.

2. Whether the transferred personnel meet the requirements of the driver. The driver is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sightseeing car, and a maintenance inspection is required every three months.

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