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This fast food truck has a silent effect

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11

Multifunctional snack carts are a kind of common dining carts, which are often seen in the streets and lanes, bringing convenience to our lives. So what do you know about this kind of snack cart? Do you know what industry advantages it has? Fast food truck through practical application analysis, this multi-functional snack truck has the following industry advantages, the vehicle has a good mute effect.

If the fast food truck has the same model, replace it with an electric engine. Because the electric motor itself has a very small sound, there is only a slight electric current. Especially in the low and medium speed stage, the driving noise of the vehicle will be significantly reduced, which will significantly improve the driving comfort. 2. The low-speed torque is abundant, which is more suitable for urban driving. The power characteristics of the electric motor are obviously different from that of the traditional internal combustion engine. The large torque will be fully exploded in the starting stage, so it is more suitable for driving in the urban area.

Good environmental performance. The environmental performance of this kind of snack truck is more advantageous than ordinary vehicles, so it is more advocated. The furnace body adopts a unique far heat radiation structure design, carefully designed barbecue and fuel-saving positions, full barbecue, no smoke and no fly ash. The unique dry aroma of charcoal grilling is pushed to the extreme.

The battery of the electric dining car shall not be in a power-deficient condition when it is stored. The lack of electricity means that the electric dining car is not charged in time after being used. When the battery is stored under the condition of power shortage, it is very simple to show sulfation. Lead sulfate crystals adhere to the electrode plate, which will block the electric ion channel, causing a lack of charging and reducing the battery capacity. The longer the power-deficit situation is shelved, the heavier the battery damage will be. Therefore, when the food delivery truck is not in use, it should be replenished once a month to keep the electricity better.

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