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This will make the cut - capacitance of the battery Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-02
About electric trust us is no stranger to the dining car, whether from the aspects of food supply, is still the entrepreneurial projects, electric diners in recent years was our welcome, today we from the aspects of induction for we introduce the advantage of the diner, snack car, expect no system users won't miss understanding. Foremost from the planning of the electric dining car, very delicate, and lunch was bright and utility snack car, spare no matter when and where to be able to make money, and less of choose and employ persons, fast production, electric four-wheel snack car, money is not too difficult. The second is through the secret recipe of stewing hot paste, whether do malatang is still happy to rinse, tastes good fresh, sweet, beautiful. The third point is electric diners can make all kinds of flavor snacks, and breakfast, snack, etc. Generally the dining car is equipped with dual furnace drawer of steaming box, Fried, can manufacture heating milk, porridge, soy milk, etc. , the other can do blast furnace, drink machines, etc. Fourth is the dining car changes the traditional barbecue meat is hard, rough, to swallow shortcomings. Is, after all, is to be the dining demand store boss, breakfast and activities, car don't have to shop, not paying the rent without decoration, not the chef, don't add equipment, roasted, Fried Fried, rinse, Fried, steamed omnipotent. Follow diners job unfolds, electric dining car is becoming more and more popular, the sale of products is more and more prosperous, manufacturing all kinds of food are also being public. Electric is a dining car shabu hot, barbecue, Fried, teppanyaki, which integrates multiple functions strong combination dining car, no pollution, no smoke, malatang snack car, baked food taste fresh, bright color, conforms to the request people health, suitable for all kinds of people to enjoy. Activity of electric snack car ( 1) Novel appearance, attract eyeball electric snack car appearance about atmosphere, integrating sales, light box advertising, body advertising, the appearance of the new planning, two fitting for good action of gravity, promote sales - — Appearance of advertising planning can customize according to customer's requirement. ( 2) A broad space, rational layout, with 4. 56 * 1. 56 * 2. 3 meters large space, the car can be inclusive 2 people selling together. Internal structure it can customize according to customer's requirement, have barbecue, Fried, soup, boiled, heat preservation function, etc. , can also be equipped with fridge, juicer, sausage machine, barbecue grill and other supporting tableware. ( 3) Environmental protection and energy saving, clean sanitation electric diners with battery driven, low energy consumption, zero emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection. Factory equipped with high quality stainless steel tableware, make food preservation and insulation, can be clean health products customers. ( 4) Low cost, high earnings now electric diner now is indispensable trolley in the daily life, and in the electric dining car parts also is the most important thing in its batteries, how the talent extends battery life? Below are instructions for you electric dining car charging right moment. Primary electric dining car electric snack car in the process of charging, briefly presents the sulfide representation, attacks will cover of PCB gradually, so the area of the active plate will gradually decrease, decreased the concentration of the liquid, it will make a battery of electric capacity cuts, assume that the battery capacity reduction speed is very fast, battery life is very short. Time temperature and charging environment will affect the charging process of electric dining car, first is affect the voltage range. Shall be based on different environment timely adjust the charger, so you can try to prevent the battery's attack drum surface blasting.
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