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Three Misunderstandings in the Maintenance of Sales Trucks and Patrol Cars

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

  1. The battery is an electric patrol car [Electric Patrol Car (Electric Patrol Car) is a model specially designed and developed for personnel in special departments to patrol. This model is divided into ordinary Patrol cars and closed types, ordinary patrol cars can be divided into ordinary and luxury types. The source of power for battery inspection vehicles is very important. Nowadays, some batteries are called maintenance-free batteries. [Sealed maintenance-free batteries adopt the latest design of the fully sealed structure and modern production technology in the 1990s. 】, so we thought that there is no need to maintain, this perception is wrong.

  2. Corrosion will be found on the surface of the battery pole post terminal in the process of use. Some people think that as long as it is not loose, there is no need to deal with it. This is the wrong idea.

  3. When the liquid level of the electric patrol car is low, compensate the electrolyte or add pure water instead of the required distilled water. In fact, the pure water contains many trace elements, which will have a bad influence on the battery.

  The electric patrol car is a good helper for our operations ['Good Helper' is an application on the Android platform. ], we have to treat it like the opposite of our colleagues, do our daily maintenance work well, so that we will not lose the chain during the work.

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